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Review of 'Greatest Show on Earth, The'

Rating:2 User: The Dean of Games

1985 Central Solutions (UK)
by Barry Jones

Its hard for me to wipe out the smile off my face after playing this game.
This is a great example on how kids those days used the programming abilities of this little machine. Our imagination was the limit. And many of the nonsense we had in our minds ended up in games like this. Back in those days I remember getting crazy when I bought unplayable games like this one, because they weren't cheap. Thank God for emulators.
Everything here is corny and cheesy and cheap. Its almost impossible to understand the mechanics behind the strong man level for instance, but it looks so cool!
The annoying sounds, the stupid names of each character, its all great. Annoying and stupid, but fun and laughable.
Don't waste your time playing this game, it will drive you insane, just enjoy the naiveness of our youth days thru it, if you still remember it.